[Reading Comprehension] Who are celebrities?


Fill in the correct words from the options below!

Who are celebrities?

A celebrity is a person who is easily (1) __________________________ by people in a certain region or country. Celebrities usually get a lot of media (2) __________________________ and often are social people. Many become celebrities because of their (3) _________________________ , after appearing in the media or simply (4) ____________________ chance. Celebrities who only achieve a small amount of fame are called B- or C-celebrities. In the last decades we have become (5) __________________________ with famous people. They have led to the rise of gossip magazines and TV shows and (6) ________________________ work for journalists and paparazzi.
Movie stars, television actors and actresses, high-ranking politicians, successful business people, supermodels and athletes usually become celebrities. A few humanitarian (7) ________________________ such as Mother Teresa have achieved (8) _______________________ because of their charity work. Some people have become known because of their online activities and are regarded as Internet celebrities.-
Because celebrities (9) _______________________ a life that is different from that of normal people, the (10) _________________________ is interested in their private lives. Magazines and newspapers follow their every move. Celebrities are often shown as glowing examples of success and perfection, or as bad and immoral if they are (11) __________________________ in scandals. In order to make money, celebrities often write books, or create fashion brands and perfumes.
Today’s reality shows often (12) ______________________ new stars. Normal people have become celebrities simply for taking part in Survivor or Big Brother. In other cases, (13) ________________________ citizens have become celebrities for ridiculous things that they do. In the past years celebrities have started to (14) ______________________ social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Such services allow them to (15) ___________________________ directly with their fans without having to (16) ____________________ on the media to promote their stories. In the eyes of their fans, social media makes celebrities more human and down-to-earth people.

1 identified accepted recognised seen
2 attention care notice thought
3 career employment living profession
4 for by through with
5 enjoyed charmed involved fascinated
6 give provide deliver arrange
7 advisors organizers leaders heads
8 fame pride legend joy
9 show manage run lead
10 culture society neighbourhood public
11 concerned involved included contained
12 invent design create generate
13 usual routine daily everyday
14 manage use practice work
15 communicate join correspond bond
16 deny believe rely trust