Saying Goodbye

There are different expressions or phrases to say goodbye. These parting phrases depend on situations and the people involved, their social status and personal relationship.


There are different ways to greet people. Here are some basic expressions you can use to greet people.

Expressing certainty and uncertainty

Certainty is the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something. However, uncertainty is when nothing is ever decided or sure.

Complaining – Talking about Complaints

Complaints are expressions of "displeasure or annoyance" in response to an action that is seen by the speaker as unfavorable. Talking about complaints.


To classify is to divide things into groups according to their type. Let's learn how to classify things in English.


To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something that has caused him inconvenience or unhappiness.

Expressing Indifference

Sometimes you may have no particular interest or concern about something and you want to express indifference during a conversation. Here are some expressions you can use.

Talking about likes and dislikes

To talk about your likes and dislikes, you can use these expressions.

Agreement, Partial Agreement and Disagreement

The way people agree or disagree in an argument or discussion varies in different languages. Agreement It is worthwhile saying that silence is not understood as...