English Listening #1001-1010 | Level 1/6

Listen carefully and write down what you hear. Remember to NOT check the script until you have tried hard.

First Snow Fall

Today is November 26th. 

It snowed all day today. 

The snow is beautiful. 

The snow finally stopped. 

My sister and I are excited. 

My Mom doesn’t like the snow. 

My Mom has to shovel the drive way. 

My sister and I get to play. 

I put on my hat and mittens.

My Mom puts on my scarf. 

My Mom zippers my jacket. 

My sister puts on her hat and mittens. 

My Mom puts on her scarf. 

My Mom zippers her jacket. 

My sister and I go outside. 

We begin to make a snow man. 

My Mom starts to shovel the snow. 

My sister and I make snow angels. 

My sister and I throw snowballs. 

It starts to snow again. 

We go inside for hot chocolate.

Jessica’s First Day of School

Today is Jessica’s first day of kindergarten.

Jessica and her parents walk to school. 

Jessica’s Mom walks with her to her classroom. 

Jessica meets her teacher. 

His name is Mr. Parker. 

The school bell rings at 8.45 A.M.. 

Jessica hugs and kisses her Mom goodbye. 

Jessica’s Mom says “I love you.” 

At 9.00 A.M., Jessica stands for the National anthem. 

Mr. Parker calls out children’s names. 

Each child yells back “Here.” 

Mr. Parker teaches them about letters. 

Mr. Parker teaches them about numbers. 

At 10:15 A.M. the students have recess.

Recess is fun. 

The students get to play and eat. 

At 10:30 A.M. the students go to gym class. 

At 11:15 A.M. the students return to Mr. Parker’s classroom. 

Mr. Parker tells the students to sit on the carpet. 

Mr. Parker reads the students a story. 

Mr. Parker teaches the students a song. 

The lunch bell rings. 

Jessica’s first day of school is over.

My Flower Garden

My name is Anne. 

I love flowers. 

I have a flower garden. 

My garden is in front of my house. 

My neighbour has a garden too. 

My garden has different types of flowers. 

I have roses in my garden. 

I have tulips in my garden. 

I have petunias in my garden. 

My garden has different colours. 

I plant red flowers. 

I plant orange flowers. 

I plant blue flowers. 

I plant purple flowers. 

I take care of my garden. 

I water my garden every day. 

I kill the weeds in my garden. 

I kill insects that eat my flowers. 

I love my beautiful garden.

Going Camping

The Bright family went camping on the weekend. 

The Bright family went to Silent Lake. 

The Bright family left on Friday. 

They camped for three days. 

The Bright family brought a big tent. 

They brought a lot of food. 

They brought insect repellant. 

The Bright family had a campfire on Friday. 

They roasted marshmallows. 

They sang campfire songs. 

On Saturday they went canoeing. 

On Saturday they went fishing. 

On Saturday they went swimming. 

They went hiking on Sunday. 

The Bright family saw many birds. 

They saw blue jays. 

They saw hummingbirds. 

The Bright family saw many animals. 

They saw a raccoon. 

They saw a squirrel. 

But they didn’t see a bear. 

The Bright family had a fun vacation.

My House

I live in a house. 

My house is small. 

My house has two bedrooms. 

My Mom and Dad sleep in one bedroom. 

My sister and I share the other bedroom. 

My house has a kitchen. 

My Mom and Dad cook dinner there every night. 

My house has a living room. 

My family watches television there every night. 

My house has a big bathroom. 

My house has a lot of closets. 

My house has a basement. 

My Dad has a workshop in the basement. 

My Dad makes wood furniture. 

My house does not have a second floor. 

My house has a garage. 

My house has a big backyard. 

My backyard has a maple tree. 

My backyard has a swimming pool. 

My backyard has a vegetable garden. 

My family likes our house.

My First Pet

My name is Sarah. 

I am 14 years old. 

I have a pet cat. 

My cat’s name is Milo. 

My cat is black and white. 

Milo’s paws are white. 

Milo’s body is black. 

She is very cute. 

Milo’s fur is very soft. 

Milo was a very small kitten. 

Milo is a very big cat. 

Milo cannot have kittens. 

She is fixed. 

Milo likes to eat. 

Milo likes to play outside 

Milo likes to hunt for birds. 

Milo likes to hunt for mice. 

She likes her ears scratched. 

Milo likes to sit in my lap. 

Milo likes to sleep on my bed. 

Milo is a good pet. 

Jennifer the Firefighter

Jennifer Smith is a firefighter. 

She is one of the first female firefighters. 

Jennifer works hard every day. 

Jennifer exercises every day. 

She lifts weights. 

She wants her muscles to be very strong. 

She saves people’s lives every day. 

She is very strong. 

Jennifer is married. 

Her husband is a school teacher. 

Jennifer’s husband is proud of her. 

Jennifer is a mother. 

She has two daughters. 

Jennifer’s daughters are proud of her too. 

Jennifer is happy being a firefighter. 

Jennifer is happy being a wife. 

Jennifer is happy being a mother.

Mark’s Big Game

Mark’s favourite sport is hockey. 

He is 15 years old. 

Mark practises three times a week. 

Practices are two hours long. 

Mark plays one game a week. 

Mark is a good hockey player. 

He plays on Friday nights. 

Friday night hockey games are popular. 

Mark’s family watches him play. 

Mark’s friends watch him play too. 

There are always many fans. 

Tonight is the big game. 

Coaches are coming to watch Mark play.  

Mark wants to play in the National Hockey League. 

Mark wants to make a lot of money. 

It is very hard to play in the NHL. 

Mark’s parents want him to go to college. 

They want him to have an education. 

They want Mark to be successful. 

They want Mark to be happy.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Samantha is going to an Easter egg hunt. 

Tracey is going to an Easter egg hunt. 

The Easter egg hunt is at Sydney’s house. 

It is going to be fun. 

Sydney‘s mom hid chocolate eggs. 

Sydney‘s mom hid chocolate bunnies. 

Everybody is here. 

Everybody has an Easter basket. 

The Easter egg hunt can start. 

Everybody must close their eyes. 

One, two, three, go! 

Samantha finds an Easter egg. 

The Easter egg is behind a table. 

She puts it in her basket. 

Tracey finds a chocolate Easter bunny. 

It’s under the couch. 

Tracey puts in her basket. 

Sydney finds a chocolate Easter bunny too. 

It’s in front of the television. 

She puts in her basket. 

Everybody finds lots of chocolate. 

Everybody shares their chocolate. 

Samantha, Tracey, and Sydney love Easter. 

Joe’s First Car

Joe is 18 years old. 

Joe works at McDonald’s. 

Joe saves all his money. 

Joe has $2500.00 in the bank. 

He wants to buy a sports car. 

Joe starts to look for a new car. 

Joe looks in the newspaper. 

Joe looks in magazines. 

Joe finds a car he likes. 

Joe goes to see the car with his dad. 

He really likes it. 

Joe doesn’t have enough money. 

Joe’s dad tells him to keep saving his money. 

Joe wants this car a lot. 

Joe asks his dad to help him. 

Joe and his dad make a deal. 

Joe’s dad will lend him the money. 

Joe must work hard. 

He must pay the money back to his dad. 

Joe is very happy. 

Joe owns his first car. 

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