What are some good ways to describe:

  • people?
  • things?
  • feelings?
  • yourself?
  • personality?

See the phrases below for examples of descriptions in English.


What does Leila / the house look like?
can you tell me about Leila / the house?
is Leila / the house like?
Tell me about Leila / the house!


Well, she’s old, young, middle aged, fat, overweight, slim, thin, skinny, blonde, red-head, well-built, tall, dark, beautiful, funny, cute, really rich, gorgeous …
She has got oval face, square face, round face, long, black hair, straight hair, curly hair, blue eyes, round face, long nose, fair skin , bushy eyebrows, regular teeth, crooked teeth, rosy cheeks…
She’s kind of chubby, thin, slim, obese, tall, skinny, short, intelligent, silly, nice, naughty…
It’s big, small, comfortable, clean …

Short dialogues

Martha wants Liza to describe the new secretary:

Martha: What’s the new secretary like?
Liza: She’s cute. She’s got long hair and a round face.

Martha wants Liza to describe the new apartment:

Martha: Tell me about your new apartment!
Liza: It’s big. It has got three bedrooms, a comfortable living room, and a spacious kitchen.


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