Wednesday of Holy Week

In your house I shall celebrate the Passover. (Matthew 26:18)

Many people refer to today as Spy Wednesday, an allusion to the day of Judas’ betrayal. But did you know that it’s also called Silent Wednesday?

This name comes from the fact that the Gospels don’t tell us what Jesus was doing on Wednesday of Holy Week. He was “silent” on that day. Some speculate that after journeying to Jerusalem and spending two exhausting days in disputes with the authorities, Jesus rested on Wednesday with his close friends in Bethany.

If you want to observe this special day, imagine that Jesus is inviting himself over to rest in your house for a bit. Imagine him inviting you to join him in a day of quiet reflection and respite.

It can be so easy for our minds to become overbusied, our bodies overworked, and our calendars overscheduled. But rest is essential because it’s restorative. Rest is also holy because it creates an opening for us to welcome Jesus into our hearts. Imagine yourself sitting with him at your kitchen table, catching up as you would with a friend. Or picture yourself coming home from a busy workday to find him waiting at your front door, eager for you to invite him in for dinner. Even if it means just slipping away for a few minutes of stillness with him, make the most of the opportunity; nothing is as refreshing as spending quiet time with the Lord!

Throughout this season of Lent, you have been journeying with Jesus as he walks toward Calvary. You’re almost there! Tomorrow evening, you will watch as he is arrested and beaten. On Friday, you’ll witness his crucifixion. And on Sunday, you’ll see him gloriously resurrected. But today, Silent Wednesday, is the calm before the storm.

As you read the Gospel for today, listen to Jesus’ voice echoing through the centuries, telling you, “In your house I shall celebrate the Passover” (Matthew 26:18). Jesus has chosen to spend today with you. Your schedule may not be silent today, but you can still find a special way to rest with him and prepare yourself—body, soul, and spirit—for the great celebrations that will start tomorrow evening.

“Jesus, help me to find some quiet time today. Come, Lord, and prepare me for what you have in store this week.”

Isaiah 50:4-9
Psalm 69:8-10, 21-22, 31, 33-34