5th Week of Lent

Thus was innocent blood spared that day. (Daniel 13:62)

Imagine how Susanna must have felt. She was known as not only beautiful but godly, a true treasure to her husband. But when two corrupt elders accused her of adultery, her servants immediately believed them. Not only that, but even her family accepted the accusations. None of her friends stood with her, either. Only Daniel saw her virtue and worked to prove her accusers wrong.

How affirming Daniel’s belief in her must have been! How good it must have felt to have someone believe in her! So consider this: if Daniel was this zealous in his belief in Susanna’s character, how much more will Jesus stand with you when Satan, the “accuser of our brothers,” tries to wear you down (Revelation 12:10)? Jesus sees the good in you, not just the bad. He doesn’t fall for the malicious whispers of the devil. He can see through Satan because he has already defeated him on the cross, making a “public spectacle” of his conquered foe (Colossians 2:15).

Everyone has days when it feels as if they are under attack. Maybe something you said was misunderstood, and people questioned your motives. Maybe you made a big mistake, and you can’t stop replaying it in your mind. Or maybe you’re just having trouble looking beyond your shortcomings. When you hear voices like these tearing you down, remember who you are: a child of God. Your Father always looks at you with love, pride, and affirmation. He will always stand with you and speak words of encouragement to you. He will always turn aside the accusations of the devil—always!

The next time you feel misunderstood or think you can’t be forgiven, look to the Scriptures and see what God says about you. Remember that in Christ, you are free from all condemnation (Romans 8:1). Remember that you are the apple of your Father’s eye (Psalm 17:8). With God’s word behind you and his presence within you, you can rest assured that you are worth far more than what the devil or your circumstances may want to tell you!

“Jesus, thank you for never forsaking me. Through the power of your cross and resurrection, I can stand against all of Satan’s lies and live in the glorious freedom of your children!”

Psalm 23:1-6
John 8:12-20