Fill in the correct conjunctions and linking words from the list.  There may be more than one possibility!

even though neither ….. nor during although
which in order to in addition despite
therefore while so that whereas
however due to as well as both
  1. This is Jack’s new mountain bike, ______________________ he got from his parents. He locks it upevery evening ______________________ nobody can steal it.

2.______________________ my father loves jazz, he doesn’t often listen to it.
3.______________________ we were driving through the countryside, we saw lots of nice villages.
4.Honda makes cars ______________________ motorcycles.
5.Our flight attendants must be able to speak ______________________ English and Spanish.
6.The weather was perfect. It was ______________________ too hot ______________________ too cold.
7.Sally invited me to her party last weekend. ______________________, I had to tell her I couldn’tcome.
8.I started to learn Italian ______________________ my stay in Rome.
9.______________________ being the better team, we lost the match.
10. ______________________ we hadn’t eaten for over 12 hours, we weren’t hungry.
11. I arrived late for the show, ______________________ the bad traffic.
12.This cell phone costs 5 cents per minute, ______________________ the other has a flat rate.
13.He spent most of his time hanging around with friends. ______________________, he was notprepared for the exam.
14.She wakes up early ______________________ be on time for work.
15.This car offers 6 air bags and heating for your seats. ______________________, there is also aworld-class stereo system installed.




  1. which / so that
  2. Although
  3. While
  4. as well as
  5. both
  6. neither / nor
  7. However
  8. during
  9. Despite
  10. Even though
  11. due to
  12. whereas
  13. Therefore
  14. in order to
  15. In addition


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