Fill in the correct conjunctions and linking words from the list.  There may be more than one possibility !

as well as during because either ….. or
neither …. nor when although unless
which so that then so
despite while such as however


1.__________________ Dad comes home from work he lies down on the sofa __________________ heis tired.
2.Max had a headache yesterday, __________________ he didn’t come to basketball practice.
3.This is Toby’s new mountain bike, __________________ he got from his parents. He locks it upevery evening, __________________ nobody can take it.
4.__________________ Samantha was very tired, she watched TV until well after midnight.
5.First, cut out the pictures, __________________ glue them into your album.
6.I would like to learn Japanese, __________________ , I don’t know anyone who can teach me.
7.__________________ we were driving through the countryside we saw many nice villages.
8.The Hemingways are our neighbours __________________ our friends.
9.You can have __________________ tea __________________ coffee for breakfast.
10. __________________ being a well-known politician, John Smith can also play the piano very well.
11. __________________ his injury, the boy desperately wanted to play for his team in the finals.
12. __________________ the hike up the mountains we saw a lot of deer.
13. __________________ you finish that essay you won’t get anything to eat.
14. __________________ my mother __________________ my father will be able to attend the meeting.
15.He likes all kinds of sports, __________________ skiing, hockey and volleyball.




  1. When / because
  2. so
  3. which / so that
  4. Although
  5. then
  6. however
  7. While
  8. as well as
  9. either / or
  10. Besides
  11. Despite
  12. During
  13. Unless
  14. Neither / nor
  15. such as


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