Expressing Possibility

What is the difference between possibility and probability? Possibility is when there is a chance that something may happen or be true while probability is the likelihood of something happening or being true: Example: "Until yesterday, the project was just...

Complaining – Talking about Complaints

Complaints are expressions of "displeasure or annoyance" in response to an action that is seen by the speaker as unfavorable. Talking about complaints.

Describing people and things

Describing What are some good ways to describe: people? things? feelings? yourself? personality? See the phrases below for examples of descriptions in English. Questions What does Leila / the house look like? can you tell me about Leila / the house? is Leila / the house...

Expressing Indifference

Sometimes you may have no particular interest or concern about something and you want to express indifference during a conversation. Here are some expressions you can use.

Talking about likes and dislikes

To talk about your likes and dislikes, you can use these expressions.

Making and responding to a request

It's important to be polite when you ask for something. You can make a request by using: Can you...? Could you...? Will you...? Would you mind...? Here are some examples of how to make a request. Can you Will you Could you possibly open...

Expressing certainty and uncertainty

Certainty is the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something. However, uncertainty is when nothing is ever decided or sure.


To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something that has caused him inconvenience or unhappiness.

Talking about cause and effect

Cause and effect When we talk about an effect resulting from a certain cause, we use expressions such as: because, since, as, owing to, due to... Examples The police arrested him becausehe broke into a bank. The police arrested him sincehe...

Talking about ability

How to express ability To express that someone has the power or skill to do something, can and be able are used. Examples I can't help you.I am busy. I'm unable to help you. When I was young I was able to earn...