Tongue Twisters with “TH”

Speaking tongue twisters is one way to improve your English pronunciation.

Expressing lack of necessity (Absence of obligation)

Expressing lack of necessity To express lack of necessity (also called absence of obligation), speakers usually use "don't have to", “don't need to", "needn't”. The form that we use to express lack of necessity could be...


To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something that has caused him inconvenience or unhappiness.

Remarks by President Obama After Meeting with Vietnamese Civil Society Leaders – Full Transcript

JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam 11:45 A.M. ICT PRESIDENT OBAMA:  I just had a wonderful conversation with some preeminent civil society activists here in Vietnam.  And I just want to thank them for taking the time...

Talking about ability

How to express ability To express that someone has the power or skill to do something, can and be able are used. Examples I can't help you.I am busy. I'm unable to help you. When I was young I was able to earn...

Sky News Live

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Irregular Verbs Past Participle (Part 1) [Grammar Exercise]

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[Reading Comprehension] Who are celebrities?

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Conjunctions 1 [Grammar Exercise]

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The History of Easter Easter - the holiest day of the Christian calendar. A celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead. So what does this miracle have to do with a bunny delivering painted eggs? The answer...