Hi there, I am Peter Quoc and this is the tiny part of the web that I call my own. Everything I do of interest is posted here so I am keep track of it all. I will also keep you posted on my life stories, and on my Father’s non-fiction writings which may inspire someone.

Iam passionate about music and instruments, science, graphic design, and web development, though I dabble in most of them. I am happy and proud that I was born in a faithful family which gives me the very first foundation – Catholic belief. My dear parents have been dedicating their whole life, saving every last dong to give us the best preparations in the hope that we can serve the Lord some day. And my parents’ efforts were finally rewarded by the grace of priesthood of my eldest brother: “I’ve seen the rose blooming on its thorns.”

(Nguyen Huy Thang. 2009. Ngon Nen. Nhatrang: Home Publisher)

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